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MOFLON Overview

MOFLON, focused on slip rings manufacturing for more than 10 years, Our slip rings having been successfully performing in industrial applications for over 10 years,performing in aerospace and military applications for over 5 years,Typical applications include robotics, packaging machines, medical equipment and a wide range of automation systems...

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Slip Rings Industry Solutions

Slip Rings Video - How to work?
• Slip Rings for Heating Drum(PT100,Thermocouple) • Slip Rings for 30A [email protected]
• Fiber Optics and Coaxial slip rings• Slip Rings for Wind Power
• Media Rotary Joints• Special Environments
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Next Generation Slip Rings Technology

• Wireless Power Slip Rings - Unlimited RPM
wireless slip rings
• Brushless Slip Rings - Supper long life
Brushless slip rings