moflon slip rings

    Customer Feedback

  • Thank you for your phone call and thank you for your excellent service! Tony Frient    2013-03-25
  • Your slip ring price, quick response and short delivery time are very encouraging. Thanks! Gaff Nickr    2013-03-10
  • I'm very positive with you and your products to our purpose and I'm pretty sureTafic    2013-02-20
  • The Silp Ring arrived safely and we are pleased with its performanceLick Timat    2013-02-12
  • Our engineer said the slip ring worked well,we will be able to sell our systems nowPeter Mart    2013-01-08
  • We visited MOFLON's factory several days ago, clean environment,strict qualityYamon Kondemir    2013-01-02
  • The test for MC capsule slip ring is very successful, waiting for cooperatingTEVET    2013-01-02
  • We are very pleased with your response, and we are looking forward to doing John Boke    2012-12-18
  • Thank you for your help, you are amazing support: Very friendly, very fast.Roy Rodey    2012-12-12
  • MT02512 is rotating fine – no problems in that.Danis Fox    2012-12-07
  • We received and installed on our machine your slip rings, all works well.Brute Toft    2012-12-01
  • Thanks very much for the good service and help before!Kale Bondey    2012-11-28
  • Everything is OK.Soon, I have to order you new products.Elily Layman    2012-11-25
  • Thank you very much for you efforts! I'm so confident that the test of slipring .Rager Cerriere    2012-11-16
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