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Moflon Slip Rings - Provide High Performace & Innovative 360°Rotary Solutions(Get Electric&Fluid Passed) for Worldwide.

electrical slip ring

Electrical Slip Rings

(electric power,analogue signals,digital data)
Rotary Unions(Fluid Slip Rings)

Rotary Unions(Fluid Slip Rings)

(fluid,liquids,gases + electric)
FORJ+High Frequency Slip Rings

FORJ+High Frequency Slip Ring

(fiber optic,high frequency+electric)

Custom Slip Ring Solutions

Custom Slip Ring Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Project's Exact Requirements.
Customized Slip Rings

About MOFLON (7000㎡ factory + over 300 employees)

MOFLON Reception
MOFLON, with over 7000㎡ factory & over 300 employees in worldwide, manufactures and supplies slip rings for more than 30 years, all slip rings are widely used for all kinds of harsh application, including commercial,ndustrial,aerospace, military and so on. Standard slip rings are in stock, 60% sales are customized for your projects' exact requirements...

Slip Rings Case Study

Moflon Provide high performace industrial slip rings soutions for wind turbine,aerospace,alternative energy,
defense,factory automation, food&beverage,heavy equipment,marine,medical,agriculture etc for worldwide.
slip ring case study for radar


slip ring case study for medical equiments

Medical equipment

slip ring case study for wind turbine

Wind Turbine

slip ring case study for robot


slip ring case study for monitor


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