Standard Products

Provide High Performace and Innovative 360°Rotary Solutions(Get Electric&Fluid Passed) for Worldwide.
Slip Rings
(electric power,analogue signals,digital data)
Rotary Unions
(liquids,vacuum,gases + slip ring)
FORJ+High Frequency
(fiber optic,high frequency+electric)

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Project's Exact Requirements.

MOFLON Overview

MOFLON, focused on slip rings manufacturing for more than 30 years, Our slip rings having been successfully performing in industrial applications for over 30 years,performing in aerospace and military applications for over 25 years,Typical applications include robotics, packaging machines, medical equipment and a wide range of automation systems...

Slip Rings Case Study

Provide soutions for wind power generate,servo control system,turn table,Robot manipulator,
engineering machinery,CCTV,medical equipment,radar etc for global customers.


Medical equipment

Wind Turbine



Slip Rings
Next Generation Slip Rings Technology