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MOFLON Overview

MOFLON, focused on slip rings manufacturing for more than 30 years, Our slip rings having been successfully performing in industrial applications for over 30 years,performing in aerospace and military applications for over 25 years,Typical applications include robotics, packaging machines, medical equipment and a wide range of automation systems...

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Slip Rings Case Study

Slip Rings Video - How to work?
• Mini slip ring for unmanned aerial vehicles • 6 Channel Fiber Slip Ring & Auto-Equipments
• Slip ring & Vertical Charging Stations• Pneumatic+electric slip ring for turntable.
• Slip Ring & Paper Winding Machine• Slip Ring & Lithium Battery Equipment
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• What is a slip ring? • How to Select a slip ring?
• What's the material of the slip ring? • How does a slip ring work?
• What is slip ring used for? • How many types of slip ring moflon have?
• Benefits and advantages of slip ring. • Slip ring for CCD vision camera inspection.
• The factors affecting the working life of the slip ring. • How to avoid errors when buying slip rings?

Next Generation Slip Rings Technology

• Wireless Power Slip Rings - Unlimited RPM
wireless slip rings
• Brushless Slip Rings - Supper long life
Brushless slip rings