moflon slip rings
MMC series
MMC Catalog
  • MMC series slip rings are Miniature with OD 12.5mm or smaller.(See other Miniature type slip rings - MSP series)
  • Special designed for CCTV or tiny rotating system, Special fit for miniature rotating system of transmitting low controlling signal.
  • Standard, off-the-shelf,no through bore,solid
  • Circuits combination is available (sucn as video, control , sensor, power, Ethernet and so on)
  • Lower torque low contact wear rates
  • Support video, control,sensor,power, Ethernet signals

Model# PDF OD*Length
Rings Current Voltage
Max Speed Details
7.9mm*10.8mm 4 Signal(1A) 240VDC/VAC 250RPM
7.9mm*11.2mm 6 Signal(1A) 240VDC/VAC 250RPM
10mm*14.6mm 10 Signal(1A) 240VDC/VAC 250RPM
12.5mm*18.2mm 6 Signal(2A) 240VDC/VAC 250RPM
12.5mm*25mm 12 Signal(2A) 240VDC/VAC 250RPM
12.5mm*23.5mm 18 Signal(2A) 240VDC/VAC 250RPM
15.5mm*39.7mm 24 Signal(2A) 240VDC/VAC 150RPM

Havn't find standard size to fit my application? There are some similar Models, may suit for you:

ModelsOD*LengthPower Circuits
MW121522mm*40mm15A each @ 2 wires
MW131522mm*40mm15A each @ 3 wires
MW123022mm*40mm30A each @ 2 wires
MW133022mm*40mm30A each @ 3 wires

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