moflon slip rings

ME series(Ethernet/Gigabit Slip Rings)

Model PDF 1000M/100M Power/signal wires Bore OD Details
1 1~24 12.7mm 56mm
2 1~24 12.7mm 56mm
1 1~48 25.4mm 86mm
2 1~48 25.4mm 86mm
1 1~56 38.1mm 99mm
2 1~56 38.1mm 99mm
1 1~72 50mm 120mm
2 1~72 50mm 120mm
1 1~22 12.7mm 35mm
2 1~22 12.7mm 35mm
1 1~16 solid 22mm

how to select ethernet slip rings?

There are three important parameters that must be considered when incorporating a slip ring in an Ethernet communication line:
1. Insertion loss
2. Return loss
3. Crosstalk

These parameters establish the signal to noise ratio of the transmission line and ultimately the bit error rate (BER). As the world’s leading manufacturer of slip rings, MOFLON Components Group slip rings are uniquely suited for critical Ethernet applications. To respond to market demand for engineered Ethernet solutions, MOFLON has developed an extensive line of Ethernet products based on our popular capsule and through-bore products.

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