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MOFLON customization department, staffed with our extensively trained and highly educated engineering teams, advanced technical knowledge, and our sophisticated technology systems and equipments allow us to design top quality customized slip rings based on customer’s specifications for almost any applications, including slip rings for military, medical equipment, Wind turbine pitch control, Semiconductor Equipment, electric vehicle slip rings, emergency lighting, aerospace,and many more..., Our knowledgeable engineers’ dedication to gain advanced or new slip rings technology such as contactless slip rings, high speed slip rings, enable us to meet any of complexity or technical challenge of Customization & OEM / ODM slip rings requirements.

Regardless of small or large order, simple or complicate requirements of your Customization & OEM/ ODM slip rings needed, MOFLON is capable to meet your specifications from design to finished product. By thoroughly reviewing each product through the rigorous supervision of our quality control system, we guarantee that we produce and develop the highest quality customized slip rings in your applications.

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We offer the best customer service you can find. Our staffs are very knowledgeable in industrial slip ring
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