Rotary Unions

What is rotary unions?

Rotary unions/joints seal and transfer fluids like water, air, coolant, steam, and other forms of media from static to 360° continuous rotating parts. Rotary unions are used in various sectors such as robotics, heavy equipment, packaging, wind turbines, medical equipment, oil and gas equipment, metal construction, plastic moulding, and aerospace.

Rotary Unions Videos

  • Application for Turntable

  • Rotary Unions Assembly

  • Pneumatic Rotary Unions

Rotary Shaft Types

  • Chrome Plating

  • Spraying Ceramics

  • Spraying Titanium Alloy

Moflon Standard Rotary Unions
  • Gas Rotary Union(+Electric)

    MK- Gas Rotary Union(+Electric)

    Specially designed for the transmission of compressed air, vacuum, standard 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24 passages in stock, can be combined with slip rings

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  • Liquid Rotary Unions(+Electric)

    MAPH - Liquid Rotary Unions(+Electric)

    Designed for the transmission of fluids (oil, water and gas),1, 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 12 , 16 and 24 passages in stock, can be combined with slip rings

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  • Through Bore & Capsule Slip Rings

    Electrical Slip Rings

    Wide Variety of Through Bore & Capsule Slip Rings...

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  • Gas Rotary Union(+Electric)

    MKD- Gas Rotary Union(+Electric)

    Pneumatic rotary joint with end face outlet, Specially designed for the transmission of compressed air, vacuum, can be combined with slip rings

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  • Low Torque Rotary Unions

    MQR - Low Torque Rotary Unions

    Super low torque for air,vacuum, compact size, 1/2/4/6/8/10/12/16 passages in stock.

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  • Through Bore Rotary Unions

    GJ - Through Bore Rotary Unions

    ID 15~50mm (customizable for bigger bore size), which can pass through various fluids. Standard 2/4/6 passages in stock.

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  • General Purpose Rotary Unions

    MGP - General Purpose Rotary Unions

    General purpose rotary unions, can pass all kinds of fluids(water, liquid and gas), special sealing technology, 1~24 passages in stock.

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  • Compact GP Rotary Unions

    MCGP- Compact GP Rotary Unions

    Compact size general purpose rotary unions, can pass all kinds of fluids(water, liquid and gas), special sealing technology, 1~24 passages in stock.

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  • High Pressure Rotary Unions

    MHPS - High Pressure Rotary Unions

    Specially designed for high pressure fuild, stainless steel structure, standard 1/3/4/6/8/12/16 passages in stock.

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  • Single passage Rotary Unions

    MSPS - Single passage Rotary Unions

    Single channel rotary union, compact size, light weight, corrosion resistant stainless steel shaft and aluminum housing.

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  • Food Grade Rotary Unions

    MSCS - Food Grade Rotary Unions

    Food-grade seals, which are specially designed for the food industry to provide 360-degree rotating transmission of various food-grade fluids.

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  • High Flow Volume Rotary Unions

    MVH - High Flow Volume Rotary Unions

    Specially designed for high flow volume transmission, connection size is G3/4,G1",and bigger,standard 1/3/4/6/8 passages in stock.

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Available Modifications & Customized Solutions

We can quickly modify our standard rotary unions to fit your needs, Also, Our Custom Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Project's Exact Requirements!


MOFLON is a leading rotary union manufacturer, We pride ourselves in providing standard products classified by efficiency and feature high-class rotary union seals designated for compatibility to every use case’s functioning pressure, temperature, speed, media, and desired life span.

MOFLON offers customized rotary unions- intended to meet the precise use case requirements for operating efficiency, cost, and supply- for customers whose needs aren’t met by our standard products. Our able R&D personnel provide our clients with solutions which satisfies their requirements, like adjustments to standard products, upgrading endorsements to popular designs and creation of innovative models to precise project stipulations.

Contact us today and make your orders for the best quality and high-speed rotary unions. From the deep waters to the outer space, MOFLON rotary unions and slip rings are trusted by millions of people across the globe.

Rotary Unions FAQs

  • How can I choose right rotary union to fit our system?

    There are several things that need to be considered before choose, such as pressure, speed, media type(s), number of flow passages (channels), and connection size(s) / type(s)……
    Please fill in the form of message on Online Enquiry , our professional engineer will choose for you.
  • What medium can the rotary union pass?

    Fluids typically used with rotating unions include various heat transfer media and fluid power media such as steam, water, thermal oil, hydraulic fluid, and coolants. .
  • Can a rotary union combined with an electric slip ring?

    Yes, our standard rotary joint products have a combination of fluid + electricity, and we offer complete fluid, electrical, signal and data transmission solutions.
  • Do you have rotary union in stock?

    Yes, we have over 2000 standard models in stock, and will take 3-5 days to delivery to you, at most time, we can customize for you based on our standard models, for more information please see custom rotary unions.
  • Do you have a warranty on your rotary unions?

    All our rotary unions are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time they are sold by us. Our obligation will be limited to replacement or repair of the rotary unions for up to one year from date of delivery.
  • What is the delivery time on a custom rotary unions?

    It's depend on the complexity of the design,Mostly, it will take 7-25 days to complete, Repeat orders for existing customers can expect an approximate 1-2 week ship date,if you have specal request, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • What is your highest rotational speed? (in r.p.m.)?

    MOFLON Rotary Unions Revolutions standard speed is 250-600 Rpm that is show in each specification, if you need more high speed please contact us, we can make the high speed rotary union to 15000 RPM.

Rotary Union Quality Comparing

  • Gasket Ring-Quality Comparing

    Rings-Quality Comparing

    Metal rubber sealing ring Strengthened seal, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance

    Cost: 10 Times*ordinary rubber sealing ring
    -MOFLON'S Gasket Rings

    Inferior sealing ring! Low wear resistance sealing ring, short service life

    -Not MOFLON'S Gasket Rings
  • Material-Quality Comparing

    Material-Quality Comparing

    Superhard aviation aluminum alloy high-pressure, wear-resistant and high-temperature-resistant

    Cost: 5 Times*common aluminum alloy
    -MOFLON'S aluminum alloy material

    Off-Brand Bearing, very cheap,Low quality, short working-life, No-precise!

    -Not MOFLON'S aluminum alloy material
  • Bearing-Quality Comparing

    Bearing-Quality Comparing

    High precise + stainless steel+ Japan original NSK deep groove ball bearing

    Cost: 10 Times*off-brand bearing cost
    -MOFLON'S Bearing

    Off-Brand Bearing, very cheap,Low quality, short working-life, No-precise!

    -Not MOFLON'S Bearing

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