Slip Rings

What is a slip ring?

Slip ring is very important component and parts that can solve the 360 degrees continuous rotating , and get electricity to a continuously rotating part of assembly, rotate without limits. Slip rings are used in electromechanical device including rotating table, surveillance systems like radars,Medical machines like microscope and support arm lamps,renewable energy sources like wind turbines,automation equipment and so on.

Slip Rings Videos

  • Through bore Slip Rings

  • Pancake Slip Ring

  • Pneumatic Slip Rings

Moflon Slip Rings Contacts

  • Gold-Gold Fiber Brush

  • Precious Metal Plate Spring Brush

  • Plate Spring+Precious Metal Contactor

G Series Newest Slip Rings
  • High Speed Slip Rings

    GHS - Super Long-life Slip Rings

    Developed for super Long-life or high-speed rotating equipment, speed 1 ~ 12000RPM.

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  • Long-life Through Hole Slip Rings

    GT - High Performace Through Bore SR

    Through Hole Slip Rings, speed 1 ~ 1800RPM, longer working life, high quality and reliability.

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  • Military Slip Rings

    GMIL - Military Slip Rings

    Military defense Slip Rings, meets the special requirements of military equipment in different application fields.

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  • Wind Turbine Slip Rings

    MF - Wind Turbine Slip Rings

    More than 20 years' experience in megawatt wind-turbine slip rings, moflon's wind turbine slip rings are used in over 80 wind-fields..

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  • Large Bore Slip Ring

    GBT - Large Through Bore SR

    Larger through bore slip rings, max up to 2000mm. it is specially designed for Large Diameter shaft, High Performance,etc

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  • Large Diameter pancake Slip Ring

    GBP - Large Diameter Pancake SR

    CT Slip Rings, Large Diameter Slip Rings for CT, MR, X-Ray security inspection..

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M Series Standard Slip Rings
  • Through bore Slip Rings

    MT - Through bore Slip Rings

    Standard slip ring connectors,rotating electrical connectors, bore size 3mm~300mm, can customized up to 800mm bore size.

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  • Capsule Slip Rings

    MC - Capsule Slip Rings

    Standard electrical slip ring connectors,OD 22~25mm, standard 6,12,18,24,36,56 rings in stock.

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  • Fuild+Electrical

    Fluid + Electrical integration

    We offer complete fluid + electrical integration to meet your needs.

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  • Miniature Slip Rings

    MMC - Miniature Slip Rings

    Standard electrical slip rings connectors,OD 5.9~12.5mm, standard 4,6,8,12,18,24 rings in stock.

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  • Power Slip Rings

    MW - Power Slip Rings

    High Current 10A、30A、60A、100A up to 500A rotating electrical connectors,can be customized up to 7500A...

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  • Ethernet Slip Rings

    ME - Ethernet Slip Rings

    Designed specifically for 250Mhz frequency signal transmitting, industrial-grade 100/1000M ethernet,never lost packet.

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  • IndustrialBus Slip Rings

    MB - IndustrialBus Slip Rings

    Designed for all kinds of industrial-bus slip ring connectors,electrical slip rings, suitable for cc-link, EtherCAT, CanBUS, ProfiBUS, ProfiNET, DeviceNet,RS422, RS485, PLC,etc...

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  • HD-SDI/1080P Slip Rings

    MSDI - HD-SDI/1080P Slip Rings

    Specially designed for transmission of high definition signals 1080P,4K and SDI, can combined with power&signal circuits.

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  • Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

    MFO - Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

    Moflon have been manufacturing fiber optic rotary joints and photoelectric hybrid slip rings for more than 10 years, standard 1/2/3/4/6/8/12 channels fiber in stock..

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  • Rotor flange Slip Rings

    MZ - Rotor flange Slip Rings

    Rotor is Flange-Mounting,standard rotating electrical connectors; 6,12,18,24,36,48 up to 108 rings in stock.

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  • Stator flange Slip Rings

    MG - Stator flange Slip Rings

    Stator is Flange-Mounting,standard slip ring connectors, 6,12,18,24,36,48 up to 108 rings in stock.

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  • Servo-Encoder Slip Rings

    MSE - Servo-Encoder Slip Rings

    Strong Encoder signal shielding, specially designed for all kinds of servo systems,MSE electrical slip rings can support up to 24 servo motors.

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  • Water-proof Slip Rings

    MFS - Water-proof Slip Rings

    Specially designed for underwater,waterproof working,industrial grade, stator flange, IP65, P68 optional...

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  • High Frequency Slip Rings

    MHF - High Frequency Slip Rings

    Support high frequency is 3Ghz, 4.5ghz, 18Ghz, 30Ghz, standard 1 channel, 2 channel high frequency slip rings in stock.

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  • Pancake Slip Rings

    MP - Pancake Slip Rings

    Suitable for limited height space, super thin slip ring connectors,extended horizontal space to meet limited space requirements.

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  • PCB Slip Rings

    MPCB - PCB Slip Rings

    With PCB as the loop carrier,suitable for limited height space, extended horizontal space to meet limited space requirements

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  • Separated Slip Rings

    MSP - Separated Slip Rings

    In some applications, the separation of the rotor and the contact brush combination can solve the problem of size limitation on installation.

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  • USB Slip Rings

    MUSB - USB Slip Rings

    USB series electrical slip rings is specially designed for USB signal transmission,including USB1.0,USB2.0 signal.

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  • Mercury Slip Rings

    A - Mercury Slip Rings

    A series rotating electrical connectors, Chip or threaded connector, brushless structure, high speed, almost no contact resistance.

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Available Modifications & Customized Solutions

We can quickly modify our standard slip rings to fit your needs, Also, Our Custom Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Project's Exact Requirements!


A slip ring is an electromechanical device that facilitates the transmission of electrical power and signals from a static to a moving part.
They are used in almost all electromechanical machines which call for unrestricted, discontinuous or continuous spinning while conducting power and signals.
Slip rings can enhance the mechanical performance of a machine, streamline system functionality, and eradicate damage-prone wires hanging from rotating joints.
They function by making continuous electrical connections from stationary systems to rotating systems. Slip rings can also be called swivels, rotary joints, collectors, or commutators.
A slip ring assembly comprises of brush blocks, which are accurately harmonized and usually available as a set of a ring and a brush.
The MOFLON slip rings are designed to endure harsh environmental conditions like acidic and salty media and extreme vibrations. Besides, our products guarantee a reliable operation of the whole equipment system.

Slip Rings FAQs

  • How can I choose right slip ring to fit our system?

    Slip ring is a precise mech-electronic product, There are several things that need to be considered before choose, such as speed, current, signal type, size, environment…… Please fill in the form of message on Online Enquiry , our professional engineer will choose for you.
  • Do you have slip rings in stock?

    Yes, we have over 2000 standard models in stock, and will take 3-5 days to delivery to you, at most time, we can customize for you based on our standard models, for more information please see custom slip rings.
  • Do you have a warranty on your slip rings?

    All our slip rings are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time they are sold by us. Our obligation will be limited to replacement or repair of the slip rings for up to one year from date of delivery.
  • What is the delivery time on a custom slip ring?

    It's depend on the complexity of the design,Mostly, it will take 7-25 days to complete, Repeat orders for existing customers can expect an approximate 1-2 week ship date,if you have specal request, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • What electrical circuits can pass through a slip ring ?

    Electrical circuits commonly requested to pass through a slip ring are, power, bus signals, encoder signals, etc,including internet and high speed data signal..
  • What is your highest rotational speed? (in r.p.m.)?

    MOFLON Slip Ring Revolutions standard speed is 250-600 Rpm that is show in each specification, if you need more high speed please contact us, we can make the high speed slip ring to 15000 RPM.

Slip Ring Quality Comparing

  • Rings-Quality Comparing

    Rings-Quality Comparing

    High quality precious metal+ Thick Hard Gold Plating +Smooth Surface

    Cost: 10 Times*silver plating cost
    -MOFLON'S Rings

    Not Smooth Surface!

    Silver Coating Cost: 2 Times* No plating cost

    No Plating!

    -Not MOFLON'S Rings!
  • Bearing-Quality Comparing

    Bearing-Quality Comparing

    High precise + stainless steel+ Japan original NSK deep groove ball bearing

    Cost: 10 Times*off-brand bearing cost
    -MOFLON'S Bearing

    Off-Brand Bearing, very cheap,Low quality, short working-life, No-precise!

    -Not MOFLON'S Bearing
  • Brush-Quality Comparing

    Brush-Quality Comparing

    Precious-Metal+ Thickness hard gold-plating

    Cost: 15 Times*No-Plating Brush
    -MOFLON'S Brush

    No-plating brush,not corrosion-resisting

    -Not MOFLON'S Brush!

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