• Part looks good, as described by seller.Thank you!Dave Scalley    2022-10-07
  • The slip ring is working well. It was installed on the machine just after it arrived.Jeff W.    2022-09-23
  • It is transmitting a thermocouple signal from a rotating drum with no apparent errors Steven    2022-08-06
  • Slip Rings are working fine. Everything works great!Randy    2022-06-10
  • Thanks for the previous order. Your products works well. Youngsuk Song    2022-04-18
  • It's the greatest experience ever! Thanks for your patient explanation about your product.Karl M.Varga    2022-03-03
  • Thanks for your help me chose a best solution for my application. lol````Michael    2022-01-22
  • You guys are very nice,Thanks a lot, it arrived really quickly !Raphael Schmidt    2022-01-13
  • Very good seller! 100% trustable!Victor passos    2021-01-02
  • Thanks for the checking. Yes, slip ring worked great. It became part of an art installation.Edward    2021-12-18
  • I've only so far had a chance to test a couple circuits on the slip ring but so far so good!Joseph    2021-11-24
  • I think it's going to work well. I will reach out when I need to order more.Erwin Sichi    2021-10-15
  • I have implemented your slipring into our system and it works fine. Thank you for hlep me.Brian Carlisle    2021-09-18
  • Yes, everithing is OK, we have instaled the rings, and they are doing their job as I predictedAntonio    2021-09-03
  • Everything works great! Thanks! We will let you know when we are ready to order more.Beau Gotch    2021-08-04
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