Slip rings are used for robots application

    Slip ring is a essential part of intelligent industry filed. Robots are wide uesed differentaeras .For instance,in the commercial manufacture, robots can finish mass quatety, high-quality works instead of human beings. The work which may lead a big hurt to our huamans like spot welding, arc welding, spray lacquer, incision could be replcaed by robots.It can also ues robots to finish some detective or controling mission, especially some dangerious works like non-humman reconnaissance, borm disarm, and mine sweeping.Robots can help soldiers to do some logistics which are not complicated so that they can get out of the heavy load and put more energy into the important things. In this way, it not only deducted the cost but also decreased the risk.

    The robot are combined by basic machine,controller,Servo System and detection sensor. It`s a automatic production ficility which imitate manual operation, auot-control,re-programming.The way to connect robot`s action is rely on the slip ring to transmit current, signal in each joint. The high-quality slip ring can enhance the signal reception`s sensitive and speed, and make sure the robot can work better as it programed.

    It`s inseperable between robot application and the reform of intelligentize era.Many people start to think of robots when the era of intelligence coming. The robot`s application prospect is very broad which includ outer space,emergency,combat,nurse,medical treatment,heavy labor,service industry,and education. The robot`s smoothly function need a good slip ring,especially the dexterity,accuracy. Robot is a wide application field, so that it has a high requirement to the slip ring. It only remains a primary level in our contury and there is no criteria in the markt.It brings a huge market due to the intelligence,but it also have a severe requirement to the accessories, we hope that we can make the better quality product after break all kinds of difficulties.

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    Released on 2019-6-25


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