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    Security refers to "safety protection", which is to protect their own security needs to take some preventive measures. Meanwhile, security engineering is the whole process of realizing safety protection and security products serves security engineering equipment. What is more, conductive Slip Ring would be the indispensable rotating component for security products. With the economic development and popularization, Security industry has become functional system from ideology to materialization. Nowadays, security has gradually developed into social economy and an industry closely related to people’s life. In China, the initial period of security industry development mainly depends on the government's special industries, application fields including government department, finance, transportation, customs, public security, etc. In 2008, from the application field of the security products, security industry has begun to develop from diversification direction, such as education, telecommunications, oil, plant power and water conservancy, the large-scale public places, factories and enterprises, malls, new communities. Meanwhile, more and more new demand has been increased dramatically. Speed dome camera enjoys wide monitoring range, high operating speed, accurate positioning and fast response and so forth, which gradually receive more and more customers’ welcome. At present, the requirement of slip ring also has been grown quickly in security industry. However, the customer pays more attention as below when they choose product: 1. The function and performance of the product; 2. Reliable working condition (The life span of the Slip Ring); 3. Convenient installation; 4. Excellent after-sales service. In such case, the speed dome camera supplier only can enjoy powerful competitiveness if they could meet the above requirements. Of course, meanwhile, the high quality accessory is the key factor to determine product performance. MOFLON electronics ( http://www.moflon.com) pursue strict demand all the time and insist on doing every details part---Innovation & Improving. In addition, we are eager to attribute greatly to security industry also to our society in the near future.

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    Released on 2010-2-21


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