MOFLON Company Expanding

    As global the recovery and demand raising , MOFLON’s previous productivity already can’t meet customers’ need. So MOFLON Electronics has decided to expand productivity in the early of 2010. Till now most decision has been practiced. It shows in below sides: 1. Expanding personal capability. Employed more experienced workers for all departments especially R&D department. 2. Adding advanced manufacturing and testing equipments recently. Enhance productivity and products quality. In such case, we could offer best service for customers according to their different demands. 3. Expanding advertising input. Making more prospects reach us. The purpose of MOFLON doing these just would like to push slip ring to all over the world. 4. Expedite R & D of new products. Many different types of slip rings are in developing and near to produce. For instance, wind turbine slip ring, Engineering machinery slip ring. 5. Apply military products certificate. MOFLON will apply for more professional certification in the near future in order to bring security for customer and enjoy good competitive market. 6. Cooperated with academe. Make sure we always stand at the top of slip rings field. All MOFLON’s endeavor is to make sure we can solve your 360 degree rotating solution in the most strict and harsh working environment with economic and fast ways.

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    Released on 2011-7-1


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