MOFLON commits to Wind-turbine Generator Industry

    Nowadays, our world would be confronted with a dangerous dilemma--the changeable climate, which resulted in many environmental problems such as water pollution, air pollution, soil degradation and some natural disasters. However, in order to avoid the worst climate change, there are two kinds of feasible solution: that is to say, taking advantage of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Green energy will bring the green future. A new energy revolution--Just now. Obviously, on the base of the good prospect of wind-turbine generator, slip rings play a very significant role in the wind power system including power & data transmission, signal control which must be very important part in this system. Furthermore, the precision, reliability and working life would directly affect the performance of wind power generation system. Presently, MOFLON Electronics spent a big amount of capital and manpower to develop and research the newest wind turbine slip rings to satisfy any requirement from our customers also occupy the market share competitively. At the same time, the slip ring should specially be good low temperature resistance, high humidity, wind resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, shock proof, stable performance and no need maintain etc. The characteristics of operating life can reach to 20 year or Millions of rounds. MOFLON could also customize various of specifications for wind power electronics equipment manufacturer. Eventually, MOFLON will be your best choice if you are puzzled without seeking the high quality wind-turbine slipring. The future of wind turbine generator, MOFLON's slip rings are waiting for you.

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    Released on 2012-6-20


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