Moflon Announces a Major Breakthrough in the Slip Ring Technology with their All New IP68 Slip Ring

    Sub-headline: Because of its continuous efforts in the fields of research and development, Moflon Technology Co. Limited has now come up with their new sealed IP68 slip ring that is considered as an industry leading product with an extended service time.

    Moflon has always been in the forefront when it comes to designing exceptional quality wind turbine slip rings that can set a new trend in the industry. And now with its new IP68 Slip Ring, the company is contributing to the development of new designs that are a necessity of the present times. While announcing the release of this new product, the China based slip ring manufacturing company reveals several unique features that make it an industry leading product. The new IP68 slip ring can work under 3000 meters in the water and thus is a major breakthrough in the deep sea slip ring technology. The company maintains that several months’ continuous research and development efforts are behind the redesigning of the slip ring and discovering the latest technology that can give an exceptional quality product to the industry. The engineers of the company have employed enhanced technological tools and used upgraded material that can ensure high pressure sealing. The company reveals that high quality sealed parts are especially exported from Italy to manufacture this new sealed slip ring.
    This is the reason why these slip rings can withstand high pressure in the deep sea and can keep performing their intended tasks in an appropriate manner. The product has already passed the high pressure test in 3000 meters under the deep sea, as its non-contacting seal design has been processed by a 4-step high pressure sealing. The company claims that it’s a major breakthrough in the high pressure slip ring technology and the product will establish their superiority in the global market.

    Moflon is contributing importantly to the slip rings niche with its new designs and using improved materials and technology. The company maintains that their new IP68 slip ring has an extra long service life. “Once you install it you need not to bother about it for a long period of time. It can withstand high temperatures and can reduce friction to maintain operational efficiency of the machine,” maintains the spokesperson of the company.
    According to him, the new slip ring design has been conceived keeping in mind the industry needs and the specific consumer demands. The new slip rings have important applications in various industry sectors and are going to provide an incredible solution to the wind turbine sector.
    According to the company sources, their IP68 Slip Ring is an upcoming product available in the market and is the latest trendsetter because of its improved design and high levels of functional efficiency. Designed specifically to power high capacity wind turbines, the slip ring is a competitive product because of its improved service time and affordable costs.
    The company maintains that one needs not to consider using low quality products for cost savings when Moflon can provide them with high quality slip rings at reasonable costs. Low quality slip rings may increase the friction of the machine and which may not be beneficial for the long-term health of the machine. Moreover, it would generate more wastes and require more efforts in the maintenance and oiling of the machines.
    Moflon also focuses on customized designs that can precisely meet the industry demands. Their slip ring is available in various models to suit different types of wind turbines. The company can develop slip rings according to the size and specifications of the wind turbines and can provide the industry with the precise solutions. One can learn more about their slip rings by visiting their website www.moflon.com.

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    Moflon has been in the manufacturing of slip rings for more than 10 years, and they have been continuously innovating and bringing new and improved designs for the benefit of the industry. They are delivering their slip rings to different commercial and industrial sectors. Their slip rings are also used extensively in aerospace and military applications. All products are developed for high performance environments using improved materials and the latest technology.

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