moflon slip rings

Contactless Slip Rings Solutions

MOFLON provide contactless slip ring for power and signal transmission, always, it application for long life, high speed, harsh Environment with free of wear and maintenance with high reliability, it including Inductive and Capacitive type.

♦ Insertion plug-type slip rings, Conducted by Mercury, Anti-jamming.
♦ Brushless,Longer working life.
♦ < 1mOhm contact resistance
♦ More durable than traditional slip rings
♦ Much higher rotating speed
♦ Much Larger current, Support max up to 1500A for 1wires
♦ For power and signal transmission
♦ No contact, no wear, no maintenance
♦ Long life, especially for high speed application
♦ High speed date rate for fast date communication
If you have some specialized applications, Please contact technical support: