moflon slip rings

Rotary Joints for Media Transmit

Rotating Unions are precision mechanical devices used to transfer fluid or gas from a stationary source into a rotating piece of machinery. Rotating Unions are used in numerous manufacturing processes to cool, heat or transfer fluid (pneumatic or hydraulic) power.

♦ Standard model for 1 way, 2 way... 8 way
♦ Customized is available
♦ Combine electronic slip ring and fiber Rotary Joint

♦ Rubber & Plastic Manufacturing Machinery
♦ Steel Continuous Casting Machines
♦ Paper Machine Dryer Cans
♦ Rotary work table
♦ Air Clutches,
♦ Gear Boxes,
If you have some specialized applications for Rotary joints/Rotary Unions, Please contact technical support: