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Slip Rings for Aerospace Use

Date:2019-09-10 08:10:37    

MOFLON Technologies is the leading manufacturer of electrical slip rings for aerospace use.

In this guide, we shall learn more about the aerospace industry, radar cooling systems, spacecraft & satellite robotics, space-based solar systems, aircraft manufacturing, and testing, and slip rings for use in the aerospace industry.


Bottom Line

MOFLON’s slip rings have been effectively functioning in aerospace applications for more than 30 years. MOFLON products are designed for rough environments and tight requirements. The primary uses of our slip rings comprise of FLIR coordination, blade de-ice, target achievement systems, tank turrets, and manned carriers.

Our extensive research for customized designs enables the production of optimized product lines with superior performance levels. MOFLON’s multidisciplinary workforce have the necessary knowledge and skills to comprehend a clients’ specific requirements and come up with the most appropriate solution surpassing the client’s expectations.



Chapter 1: Overview of the Aerospace Sector

Chapter 2: Radar cooling systems

Chapter 3: Spacecraft and satellite robotics, and Space-based solar power systems

Chapter 4: Slip rings

Chapter 5: Conclusion

Chapter 1

Overview of the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace sector comprises of two major markets, as the name suggests: Aerospace, which entails the manufacturing, distribution, and maintenance of commercial airplanes, and Defence, which relies on a country’s demand for warfare tools and systems calculated to run on land, water, and in space.

The aerospace sector also entails the manufacturing of general airplanes and space crafts for business and military application.

Markey Cycles

The market for airplanes has been quite cyclical in the last few decades, with demand increasing for years, followed by a sharp decline in orders.

Chapter 2

Radar Cooling Systems

Radar methods’ heat flux and heat loads are evolving at the speed of contemporary cutting-edge technology. Two-phase liquid cooling methods seem to be the champions of this race, defeating earlier systems, like air-based and single-phase liquid cooling methods.

Clients are after improved efficiency and stability from enhanced military systems like radars and energy arms.

The ever-evolving heat load and flux of radar cooling systems are perplexing the set parameters of standard air-based and single-phase cooling methods. Heat performance and size load, and energy restraints are also making researchers seek more enhanced cooling systems.

In some instances, two-phase liquid cooling methods can function with almost 50% of the flow rate needed by single-phase cooling methods. This directly decodes to minor pumps, fluid streams, faster switch offs, and less driving energy, causing trivial heat regulation process. The consequent higher power degeneracy ability of a two-phase method is particularly significant for airplanes and pod uses.

Chapter 3

Spacecraft & Satellite Robotics

Spacecraft and satellite robots are used for space exploration; they empower scientists to discover space safely since some planets like Venus are too harsh for man to survive. Outer planets like Saturn and Neptune are also many miles away to explore with earlier spacecraft equipment; hence, satellite robots are the best alternative to reach and study them.

The Soviet Union unveiled the pioneer robotic spacecraft in 1951. Numerous others have been launched following the accomplishment of the Soviet Union’s mission. Spacecraft and satellite robots contain mechanical devices that must be rotated for placement after ignition or before landing. Besides the application of motors, several one-time rotations are run by pyrotechnic equipment.


Space-based Solar Power Systems (SPS)


SPS are big stations set up in space to turn solar power, harnessed as solar irradiation, to a type of energy which is conducted wirelessly (WPT) to receiver structures. The receiver structures can be located on earth, high altitude equipment such as aircraft, or on the surface of other heavenly bodies likes the moon.

The pioneer invention took place in the 1970s and was facilitated by Dr. Peter Glaser. Since then, several studies have been conducted, leading to the discovery of useful concepts that apply various forms of energy production, conversion, and conduction principles.


Aircraft Manufacturing and Testing

Modern aircraft undergo a sequence of exhaustible assessments, from the initial phases of design to ensure there are no faults that can result in accidents. New planes are permitted to fly after a series of tests, from chucking birds into aircraft engines to cause bird strikes to twist the plane wings to awkward positions.

In the past decade, the testing schemes have experienced significant modifications- ground-based and computer-based. The primary goal is to reduce the length of time of assessing aircraft.

Chapter 4

Slip Rings for Aerospace Use

Slip rings are electromechanical machines which enable the transfer of power and signals from fixed to moving systems. They can be applied in all electromechanical systems which call for spinning while conducting power and signals. Slip rings are known to enhance mechanical efficiency, streamline system functionality, and remove vulnerable wires hanging from rotating joints.

Fiber optic,high frequency+electric slip ring

MOFLON is the leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical slip rings for aerospace use. Our product lines comprise of both standardized and customized slip rings and cover several use cases ((μA up to kA, μV up to kV, DC up to 500MHz, mW up to MW). Additionally, we are also flexible to the needs of building increased efficiency and incorporating it in our products.

The uniqueness of MOFLON is our technical ability and the rich experience we have gained for the 30 years we have been in the market. Besides, we pride ourselves in the ability to generate and launch innovative slip rings and other fluid sealing solutions ahead of our competitors. Indeed, we are the best ahead of the rest!


Vigorous slip rings for defense missions

We manufacture and supply durable products for turrets and defense uses, which can withstand extreme vibrations produced during activities. Our armored carrier slip rings for turrets conduct high power and signals like radio frequencies.


Slip rings for tanks and radars

MOFLON manufacturers L and X-band rotary unions that can be fixed to radars, allowing power and data to be transferred along with secure, high-frequency networks. Our slip rings can be used in tank turrets and carriers for frontline missions, enabling power and signals to be communicated in martial activities using fiber-optic means.


Slip rings for military arms

MOFLON slip rings provide high transmission efficiencies for military weapons, ensuring that soldiers enjoy mobile communications and networks.

Chapter 5


Do you have slip ring specifications that you are wondering how you will get help? Worry no more! Submit your slip ring requirements today, and we will offer the best solution to your needs. We dearly value our clients.

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