What is a slip ring?

    • 360 degrees continuous rotating & get electricity passed.

    Slip ring is very important component and parts that can solve the 360 degrees continuous rotating , and get electricity to a continuously rotating part of my assembly, rotate without limits. Working style of slip ring is similar as bearing, it usually rotates at inner cycle and keep non-rotating at outer cycle. Inner cycle with wires inlet and outer cycle with wires out, all wires have one-to-one correspondence for continuous conduction,See figure as what is a slip ring as below:

    principle of slip ring
    Figure 1

    • Make products more beautiful and compact appearance.

    For a automatic device, the slip ring is a very key parts. It is the core component that connects the rotating part and static part. The slip ring can solve all issues on site on many occasions. The slip ring can make the move freely and make the device work more efficiently. Besides high science and technology feeling, moreover, it achieves more beautiful and compact appearance.

    • Consists of mechanical part and electrical part

    A slip ring consists of mechanical part and electrical part. Mechanical part includes the dimension, weight and protection grade of the slip ring. While the electrical part is much complicated, for it includes power and various signals, such as shielding signal, high-frequency signal, bus signal and so on. When choosing a slip ring, electrical engineer and mechanical engineer need to both be involved and decide.

    Mechanical part of slip ring

    Dimensions of the slip ring is essential important to automatic device. The slip ring not only needs to keep compact structure but also meet the needs of the device, also for it’s electrical performance.

    Electrical part of slip ring

    Electrical parameter, power , big current and sensitive signals are fields with difficulties and challenges, which includes big power, especially for those slip rings with big currect above 500A and various high-frequency sensitive signals.

    • Needs of slip rings customized

    A lot of times, the diversity of the needs of slip rings should be customized on customers’ request, such as height/length limitation or OD(outer diameter) limitation, etc.

    As to the slip ring contact, double contact is more reliable than the single contact.

    Current technology has realized the same ring with 12 contacts. To the circuit of slip ring, width and size are very important to signal transmission.

    contact & rings
    contact & rings


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