What is slip ring used for?

    The slip ring will come in handy when transferring the media (electric, gas, fluid, light) from one rotating equipment to another fixed equipment or from one fixed equipment to another rotating equipment. In the meantime, it will solve the wire wrapping and wire broken while using the slip ring. So the slip ring is a bridge used for connecting rotating equipment and fixed equipment.

    With the advancement and development of industry 4.0, the use of slip rings is becoming increasingly wider and deeper. Also the demanding of slip rings is increasing year by year.

    Application industries

    Application cases

    Security and protection

    High-speed track ball,UAV table, etc.

    Industry field

    Robotic arm、robot、winding machine、filling machine、working turntable、engineering machinery、packaging machinery、cable reel、centrifugal machine、transmission system、automatic welding machine、aerial work platform, etc.

    Wind power generation

    Variable wind plasma generating control slip ring.

    Medical facility

    Operating astral lamp,CT equipment, etc.

    Military field

    Radar,target-shooting machine, etc.

    Special working condition

    Smelting equipment、mining equiment、special type of vehicle、special type of ship.


    Amusement equipment、arcade game、high definition camera、optical transceiver communication, etc.


    Revolution door、car wash Equipment、exhibition and display etc.


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