What’s the material of the slip ring?

    The material of the slip ring can be customized on different request, including housing material and internal contact material.

    Housing material of slip ring

    For housing material, generally, the material of plastic insulation are adopted. Certainly, it’s possible to demand the flame retardant function and meet the needs of UL grade. For this material, it has the advantage of light weight, lower cost and fast delivery, but it also has the disadvantages, such as poor load-bearing and not survive high temperatures.

    slip ring inside material
    slip ring inside material

    In general, industrial products adopt the aluminum housing. This aluminum housing has advantage of heat eliminable and  strong bearing capability. Moreover, light weight  can protect precision part well, also no rust occurred. Because of this, the cost will be higher, so it will have some limits when used in large scale and in large volumes.

    Usually, military level products adopt stainless steel. The cost is not the main factor of consideration, while solidness and durability are the key factor now. Stainless steel material, with better reliability and bearing, can be perfect to protect the slip ring interiority.

    Contact material inside slip ring

    Precious metal material is one of ordinary materials. But because of the different ingredients,

    the performance of the parts can vary widely.

    For big power and big current, the contacts mainly adopt the most conductive.silver as material, then plate the gold at housing. For contacts of sensitive signals, it possibly adopts high tenor in gold, including various elements, such as gold, silver, copper and so on.

    Contact material need to satisfy good conductivity. For those materials with excellent wearability and high hardness, it means that they have good conductivity. It’s very important to choose the contact material for slip rings.


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