Customer Feedback
  • I’m using the small slip ring for my setup, so far so goodThomas    2021-06-21
  • We are using the slip ring and it works perfectly for us Imme Houdmeyers    2021-05-03
  • I received the slip ring. Looks very good, I`m going to place him next week.Jerry Petrotto    2021-04-17
  • All looks great! The slip ring is what I need. After testing, I will order more.Jeff Zernov    2021-04-01
  • I'm happy that the final product is absolutely coincide with the original design drawing.Dave Vaillancourt    2021-02-21
  • The sample we ordered is great! We have put it into our equipment, thanks.Victor Krachina    2021-01-19
  • I received the slip ring.Looks very good, I'm looking forwards to see how it is working!Almena Eurasia    2020-12-09
  • It's pleasure to work with you. We have received your slip ring, nice looking and quality.John Williams    2020-10-10
  • For the coming next order, I hope everything will be fine as this time.Heikki Hyyti    2020-09-27
  • We have used one of the slip rings,it is a very good product,thank you.Veikko    2020-08-14
  • Moflon's slip rings have very good price and very good service.Darren Horler    2020-06-13
  • Thanks very much for the good service and help before!Kale Bondey    2020-06-08
  • Everything is OK.Soon, I have to order you new products.Elily Layman    2020-05-24
  • Thank you very much for you efforts! I'm so confident that the test of slipring .Rager Cerriere    2020-04-16
  • The frequency of HDSDI high definition signal we need is 2G, we choose Maxwell Tsai    2020-02-06
  • Moflon has a slip ring which can transmit both high frequency and power, Geoff Warner    2020-01-22
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