moflon slip rings

Slip Rings for Power Transmission Technology

MOFLON specialize in customized solutions, For Power Transmission from rotary to stator, up to 500A/circuit and voltage up to 10000V,any circuit is available. contact technology including from tradition carbon contact to advance fiber gold contact and roll ring contact forlong life and free of wear and maintenance.

◆ Current up to 500A/circuit and voltage up to 10000V
◆ Precious metal contact technology , Roll ring or traditional carbon brush technology
◆ Free bore size up to 2000mm
◆ Sealing class up to IP68
◆ High speed up to 10000rpm
◆ Multi-way up to 200 way
◆ Combine signal module or fiber Rotary joint or Medie rotary joint for gas or liquid.

◆ Rotor table
◆ Water treatment
◆ Cable roll
◆ Port Machinery
◆ Wind Turbine
◆ Hot roll

If you have some specialized applications for Power transmitting, Please contact technical support: