MHF Series
1~4 channel Coaxial/RF/High Frequency Slip Rings | Rotary Joints
RF Rotary Joint,high frequency slip ring,Coaxial Rotary Joint
  • • MHF series RF rotary joint, also called high frequency slip ring, coaxial rotary joint, could support 1~4 channel RF/High Frequency transmitting when rotating 360°
  • • Can combine 1~96 rings power/signal.
  • • Perfect VSWR
  • • Suitable for large volume data transmission without delay.
  • • High-rate transmission and high-definition video data.
  • • RF rotary joints,high frequency slip rings,coaxial rotary joints are widely applied for satellite、radar、portable antenna、equipments of communication in moving, etc.
Part# Product ChannelsFrequency(GHz)Mixed Power/signalOD(mm) Details
13-30GHZ--18 VIEW>>
1DC-3GHZ0-2433 VIEW>>
1DC-30GHZ1-4856 VIEW>>
1DC-30GHZ1-9686 VIEW>>
24.5GHZ;18GHZ--31.8 VIEW>>
24.5GHZ;18GHZ1-9686 VIEW>>
32.5GHZ--65 VIEW>>
42.5GHZ--65 VIEW>>

The MHF Series RF rotary joint, also called high frequency slip ring, coaxial rotary joint, is a rotating electrical RF/high frequency devices used to transfer power, control circuits or data (analog / digital) from stationary inlets to rotating outlets.

These RF rotary joints,also called high frequency slip ring, coaxial rotary joint are great solutions for keeping coaxial cable from twisting when connected to a rotating device. Rotary joints for RF are used for commercial and military radar, land mobile radio communications, antenna applications and other radio applications..

Need a combined fluid and electrical solution? We offer complete fluid rotary union and electrical slipring integrated unions.

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