How to choose slip ring models on our designing?

    First, we come to popularize the definition of the electrical slip ring. Slip ring, also known as collector ring, slip-ring, ring set, or rotary joints, rotary electrical interface, slip ring, coil, commutator, and adapters, belongs to the electrical pick-off slip connection application category, due to mechanical design of the regional differences and historical differences, led to many names to appear.

    According to installation, can be divided into two kinds of with holes (via type slip ring) and without holes in the middle, fixed by the flange on the edge (cap type).

    When the engineers is selecting, firstly choose the suitable slip ring according to the mechanical structure characteristics.

    According to the principle of electrical can be divided into types of brush, mercury, and optical fiber etc.

    The following points when slip ring selecting are information that engineers in the selection required to provide to Moflon Technology:

    1) Transmit signal types (current, signals, optical signals, or some hybrid), such as requirement of two-way 10A, six-way signals.

    2) The number of slip ring loops (known as rings, and also called channels)

    3) Dimensions are required or not? Used the hole slip ring (above the current of 5A must be used in the hole) or cap-type slip ring?

    4) Working speed, rotating speed, that is how many turns per minute?

    5) The operating temperature

    6) The working environment of slip ring

    7) Quality grade, whether there is water and dust proof requirements.

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    How to choose slip ring models on our designing?


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