How to build slip rings on request?

    Building slip rings on request is more and more popular in this slip ring field. What differences between MOFLON`s methods of Building slip rings on request and the other company`s? The brush on the slip ring is stationary, and it touches the exterior of the metal ring, which is turning. Electricity the passes from the brush to the ring right where the connection is made. Sometimes multiple slip ring brushes are used to create additional electrical circuits if they are required.Though there are many domestic factories processing standard slip rings, few focus their design on customized slip rings and special slip rings. Many big factories wouldn`t spend a lot of manpower and material resources to develop and design special slip rings, in case that customer needs relatively small amount, especially the unit price is lower. MOFLON does things by the way different from the others.Slip ring brushes are an important part of an electrical conductive system. The ring itself is the electrical conductor, which carries electrical signals or current from a wire to the part of a motor or machine that is rotating.

    Slip rings can be designed in a variety of configurations. For example they can provide an open through-bore to accommodate other components such as a fluid joint or a wave guide. Instead of a drum the rings can be configured in a platter or pancake. This is appropriate if the space available for the slip ring is short and wide instead of tall and narrow. As we know, Building slip rings on request costs much time and energy in many cases.Slip rings have been around for many years, although new advancement in technology have enabled companies to make them better than before. For example, some slip ring brushes are made with inserts which makes them very easy to clean and cuts down on erosion of the ring. Most brushes for slip rings are made of carbon or graphite. It couldn`t be accomplished easily or smoothly without advanced technics and a professional team. Generally, most clients Building slip rings on request are minority customer and self-employed. It couldn`t bring great economic benefits in a short term, which is the basic reason why many domestic manufacturers are not willing to put many resources into the Building slip rings on request.
    What kind of primary procedure of Building slip rings on request in MOFLON? First, customers need to provide the number of circuitries current or signal, current + signal carry on, also say channel number or number of rings, during this type of slip ring on line. In fact, one is the number of circuits and the other is the number of signal channels. This parameter is very important in both Building slip rings on request and choosing standard ones. The parameter must be confirmed at first before making the order, because it should not be changed after confirmed. Then the rotate speed should be confirmed. Why this parameter? The three steps mentioned above are primary procedure of Building slip rings on request in MOFLON. Customers could offer our customer service at the technology center the three parameters according to the working conditions. After further communications, adequate customized parameters are obtained with more detailed information, which would meet the demand of customers perfectly. Many customers are satisfied with this method after customization.

    In the aspect of cost, the faster it rotates, the more it costs because of the technics and structures. So to say, the fastest may be not the best. The through hole slip ring should be chosen on principle of suitability, hence the slip ring with a suitable rotate speed should be chosen according to the working conditions. Another important parameter is the size of mechanical structure. According to MOFLON`s experience of customization for customers, many capsule slip ring are customized for the mechanical structure with particular size. Sometimes, it would either look not so good or malfunction, if the slip ring was scaled to the standard size when the customers design the equipment. Therefore, customization is necessary. The most basic slip ring design can pass power. We can handle audio, video, DC power, AC power, temperature sensors, heaters, high voltage, strain gauges, digital data and control signals to name a few. To successfully pass high speed that requires a much more sophisticated design than just transmitting power. Poly-Scientific slip rings successfully transmit the broadest band frequency transmission - from DC to gigahertz - with absolute data integrity.
    A critical aspect of slip ring design is the materials used to make the rings and the brushes. After World War II manufacturers responded to requirements from the emerging electronics industry with gold plated rings using gold wire brushes. Up until the 1970`s many slip rings used copper rings and graphite brushes. Copper is smooth and conducts electricity well. Graphite conducts well, it is soft, and it does not abrade the copper rings.

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