Slip ring application in packaging machinery and equipment

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    The development direction of India`s packaging machinery and equipment: along with the demand of packaging, after the continuous efforts of the manufacturers of packaging machinery, China`s packaging machinery equipment in metrology, manufacturing, technical performance, etc all have good achievement. Like the high-speed, sets, high degree of automation, good reliability, etc. characteristics of beer and beverage filling equipment; food packaging machines in technology have improved substantially, appear electromechanical integration, and make the automatic packaging machine equipment demand surge. The next few years, demand of variety food packaging machinery will rapidly increase,promoting the packing slip ring industry too.

    As the market changes, the packaging machinery manufacturers developing to the direction of fast development, low-power, low-cost packaging equipment, packaging machinery and equipment production companies for future product update or increase the proportion of packaging machinery production line will rise.

    electric slip ring used in all rotary activities joint parts those need to transport the electric and electronic signal, packaging machinery as part of automation manipulator, a great quantity used the rotary activities joint, so the electric ring`s application in this field is very wide. Due to the program refinement of this industry is very high, put forward new requirements to the slip ring electric slip ring quality.

    Packaging machinery industry in China must take the road of professional development, research and development in the high-end equipment tube, increase the technological content, products doing fine, meticulous, and stronger, so specialized, rely on technological progress to promote the development of the industry, improve product quality and the market`s ability to adapt. To actively develop and support a number of key enterprises with brand-name products, accelerate the establishment of modern enterprise system and perfect, to actively participate in the international competition in the market, so as to speed up industrial upgrading.

    With packaging machinery`s transformation from imports to domestic, the price of the whole machine is getting lower and lower, and the quality is getting higher and higher, mainly because parts increasingly localization, such as the key part slip ring and the electric slip ring, the degree of localization is very high, and the quality of the localization has not under foreign brands like moog, etc, so for the entire development of the packaging machinery industry, the breakthrough and improve in key technologies of the key components of the electric slip ring, slip ring, plays a key role in promoting.

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