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What are Slip Ring Materials

Materials is very important for slip ring performance in the production,one factors should be taken into account when design and make slip rings, we know, slip ring is belongs the application of electrical contact which is fall into two groups, one is rotating electric contact, such as electrical slip ring, slip ring and electric rotating joint. Other belongs line slip electric contact, the most wide application is lead the bow from motor scooter which is widely used in high speed rail.

The lead the bow is complicated mechanical and electrical system which is made up tribology, hydraumatic, pneumatic and tension control. Slip ring is developed from the traditional carbon brush into mercury and sheetmetal, and recently, the most popular precious metal is from the engineer Norries who from USA and got his patent in the 1980s.

Compared with traditional carbon brush and mercury slip ring, electric slip ring have prominent advantages and important applications in complicated system, but in practical application, the most important issue is slip ring`s working life, it will be shorten by the structure of slip ring, materials, assembly technology, working speed, working environment, such as the humidity and temperature.
The temperature must be taken into consideration when design and model selection, because temperature affected the working reliability of slip ring when heat is released from the itself of slip ring, bearing and electric contact., in practical application, we should noticed the materials selection; firstly, the mounting way, the next, whether there is a vibration or not or estimated accelerated speed, and then, the working speed and abrasive resistance, finally, the slip ring`s insulation properties.
When select slip rings, some aspects should be noticed; The fieldwork condition of electrical slip ring, such as the working speed, temperature, humidity, the direction of spot cable, spot motive power, signal current and voltage.
How to enhance the reliability of precious metal slip ring? It must carry out from the following aspects, Compared with mercury slip ring, precious metal slip ring has more advantages, such as mercury is poisonous, unfriendly to the environment and maintainability is bad.
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Slip Ring Materials

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