moflon slip rings

The designing notice for slip rings

which kind of slip ring parameters should be care before designing Slip rings?

the most importance are absolutely important components in automatic control system, their functions have a direct relations with the stability of whole operation of system. What problems we should noticed when we operate slip rings. Firstly,Insulating property was consisted of insulation of circuits, insulation of wires, insulation of circuits and wires.The insulation is more big,the function of slip rings are more better,but the insulation main depends on the interior insulating materials.Generally, it was required greater than 1000mge Secondly, The function of anti-interference,slip ring need transmit dozens of different signals,it was included alternating current with high frequency,high voltage and big current,and direct current with weak signals. As the distance of circuits are close, all kinds of slip ring interference will be incurred when transmit signals.The interference will be decreased by electromagnetic shielding for interference of magnetism and electric field shielding for electrical interference. Thirdly, Slip rings` own interference is the contact of brush with metal ring, if resistance is big, slip rings is exothermic and the signal will affected t. So company should strictly select contact materials, and the appearance of metal must be smooth.

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