How to assure the quality of electrical slip ring

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    WAn enterprise`s development is mainly determined by the products, so the quality of the products is particularly important to the enterprises. The pursuit of quality is also the pursuit of the goal of many entrepreneurs, China has a old saying: the details determine success or failure, Japanese, German, rigorous work is notoriously. This can be seen a few from that Japanese chefs cook the puffer has 24 clear process no more, no less. Haier Group CEO Zhang once said: to do a simple thing well is not simple; to do every piece of extraordinary things well is extraordinary. The enterprise is focus on doing everything under the premise, step by step, and growth.

    Any parts including slip ring as a level of precision machinery parts, the level of technology directly determine the quality of the product is good or bad. The level of its manufacturing process, directly determines the quality of the slip ring. The slip ring of high-quality requirements for each processing, production, and circulation link are very demanding, strict. Its processing, the details of the production processes determine the quality of the slip ring. The details of the production and processing processes determine the quality of the slip ring. During the producing process, the preliminary design drawings, planning, should paying particular attention to detail and craftsmanship key points. Experienced designers will take advantage of some of the common processing defects design principles make up the preliminary characteristics of the manufacturing process is to make full use of 3D modeling tools and simulation tools, the process is fully exposed and displayed, and thus design process level, and to lay the foundation behind all aspects of the process.

    The processing level of slip ring is high or low, directly affected by factors of workers cultural level, and the sense of responsibility, patience and careful of the processing subject. A designer, can be expressed as one image by computer simulation publication.
    electrical slip ring selection program: slip ring general select wear-resistant, not easily oxidized materials. After the finishing of the gold, silver and copper line, surface roughness better than Ra0.1 abrasion, not easily to be oxidized.
    Brush, platinum iridium silk, a chemical neutral, high temperature will not rust, not easy oxidation, small resistance, strong resistance to galvanic and corrosion, has the good elasticity.
    The brush holder: polysulfone plastic, high strength, big impact toughness, can be long-term used from negative 100 degrees to positive 150 degrees, excellent dielectric properties, even in water, moist air or high temperatures have good electrical insulating properties.
    For high precision slip ring technology level requirements, human is a critical factor, in these factors, the qualifications of the people is critical, the manufacturing process level is high or low, the directly influencing factor is the cultural quality level of the workers, and the responsibility, patience, and careful of the processing subject.
    Ordinary slip rings capable of transmitting voltages from millivolts to 600 volts between optional, including weak voltage signal; the special custom class slip ring can also transfer higher voltage.

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    How to assure the quality of electrical slip ring


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