Slip Rings on Robot industrialization Application

    Worldwide scientists` definition on the robot is that: the robot is an automated machine; the difference is that this machine has some smart or biological capabilities, such as perception, planning ability, motor ability, and interoperability, is an automated machinery of high flexibility. In research and development process of Robot operating in unknown and uncertain environment, people gradually recognize a combination of the nature of robotics and perception, decision-making, action and interactive technology, along with the deepening of understanding of the nature of intelligent robotics, a steady stream of robot technology has begun to penetrate the various areas of human activity, combining these areas of application characteristics, people developed a wide range special robots and a variety of intelligent machines with perception, decision-making, action and the ability to interact. Such as mobile robots, micro robots, underwater robots, medical robots, military robots, air robots, entertainment robots, etc. The adaptability to different tasks and special environment, but also the important distinction of Robotics and automation equipment, these robots from the appearance has been far from the shape of the first humanoid robot and industrial robot, more in line with the special requirements of various applications, but also greatly enhance its functionality and the degree of intelligence, open up a broader space for robotics development. The success of these robots has led to the development of many industries, especially its matched electric slip ring, slip ring industry; the development momentum of the slip ring manufacturers is agreed optimistically.

    Along with the development of feeling sensor technology, slip ring, as well as information technology, appeared inductive robot, it is able to obtain the operating environment and job on the part of the image information, real-time processing, and guide the robot operation. The robot has entered the using-stage, has been widely used in industrial production. On the basis of advances in computer processing power and storage capacity, these new biography devices and the slip ring will make robot even more powerful. The robot will become the dominant of the future digital society.

    In the development of industrial modernization and development of the robotics industry, industrial automation industry needs a large number of high-quality, high-skilled and multi-disciplinary professionals mastering advanced system control software, equipment, machinery, the slip ring electric slip ring supporting parts, industrial automation systems engineering integration. As a supplier of industrial robots and automation outfit, also need a large number of project management and marketing talents in-depth understanding of customer demand, the production process as well as product features, and has extensive experience. The robot is a perception, decision-making, action and interactive features intelligent machines. The birth of industrial robots in manufacturing is a new generation of production tools which comprehensively extension of person`s physical and mental following the power machine and computer.
    At present, the total installed capacity of the world`s industrial robots has reached more than one million units, mainly distributed in Japan, the United States, Germany and other developed countries manufacturing industry, in China now has more than 30,000 industrial robots used in running, but compare with industrial countries there is still a big gap. Automotive industry is the leader of industrial robot applications, from the number of each worker of the automotive industry occupied the robots to see, 1,710 units in Japan, 1,600 units in Italy, 1,129 units in France, 950 units in Spain, 770 unites in the United States, 610 units in the United Kingdom, 630 unites in Sweden, while China is less than 90 units (the number of workers in the auto industry is about 3.56 million, see the data of Automobile Manufacturers Association November, 2008). This shows that China`s automobile industrial robot market is far from saturated. Only on our automobile industry there existence a large industrial robot market, if take our entire manufacturing industry into account, the industrial robot market is much larger.

    For a long time, due to China`s large population and cheap labor force, the level of production technology is relatively backward; the application of industrial robots has been very limited. After the reform and opening up, with the emergence of a large number of foreign and joint venture, and continuously improve of the technical level of domestic enterprises, especially the rapid development of the automotive industry, China`s industrial robot application situation occurred for a considerable change. As of 2000, the ownership of industrial robots in China has reached about 3,500, including spot welding, arc welding, painting, plastic injection, assembly, handling, stamping and other types of robots.

    In recent years, with the rapid growth of the economy, especially the high-speed development of the automobile industry, the number of annual new produced industrial robots and the total ownership of China all in the rapid growth, widely used industrial robots can not only improve the quality of products, and also have very important significances to protect personal safety, improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity, improve labor productivity, saving material consumption and reducing production costs.

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    Slip Rings on Robot industrialization Application


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