slip ring development status in wind turbine/wind generator

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    In recently 10 years, wind power generation growth quickly, since 2001, the global annual wind electricity installed capacity growth speed for 20% -30%, the Global Wind Energy Council released the latest issue the growth data of the global wind electricity show, our wind power development mainly after 2003, especially driven by the wind power concession, after the United States, Germany, Spain, and India. Because of strong growth in wind energy market in China, the world`s wind energy market is gradually transferred to China. In 2010, the Chinese monopoly over more than half of the new fan installed capacity.

    Currently, large and medium-sized wind power system using slip ring to transfer power and signal, in the process requirement is smaller, transmission power supply and signal anti-jamming of electrical slip ring, wind power industry has now become the most widely used applications. China slip ring wind power development and broad prospects, expected for a long period of time will keep the high-speed development; profitability will also increase steadily as the technology matures. With the rapid growth of wind power, market demand for wind power slip ring is also more and more growing, while for the wind power slip ring key connections - the importance of wind power slip ring also get more and more attention.

    Large and medium-sized wind turbines (hundreds KW-dozens KW), mainly use merge network operation mode, in this operating mode, from the wind turbines market, the mainly problem required to solve is merge network control and power control. From the entire wind power system, the most important is to study the impact of the wind power system to power system, as well as wind power system operation and control.

    Domestic industrial base generator, and many manufacturing companies, domestic enterprises who provide slip rings for large wind turbine are: Shenzhen Moflon, Jing Pei, and Quan Sheng, etc.

    The prospects for the development of new energy sources: the impact of climate change, the impact on the human development is long-term. Low-carbon economy requires energy consumption, and the mode of economic development and human lifestyle once new changes, human adjust their activities to meet the long-term strategic choice of the planet`s ecosystems, rather than as a temporary expedient, the global climate system as a whole , the impact of climate change is globally, involving the future of mankind, beyond the scope of the sovereign state, any country unable to face the serious challenges of global climate change alone, low-carbon development requirements to be global cooperation.

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    slip ring development status in wind turbine/wind generator


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