Slip ring for application and prospect in machinery automation equipment

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    With the deepening of social information, the machinery automation equipment in China is very promising; automation technology is widely used in industrial, agricultural, military, scientific research, transportation, commercial, medical service bar and family, etc Automation technology can not only freed people from the heavy manual labor, as well as part of the mental labor and harsh, dangerous work environment, and to extend the functions of human organs, greatly improve labor productivity, and enhance the ability of the human understanding and transform of the world

    The slip ring as the important rotation key joint of machinery automation equipment, with machinery automation`s important for humans; the prospect of slip ring is not negligible With the continuous progress of the times, the slip ring also step by step to mature, electrical slip ring from the carbon brush by previous progress up to now by the precious metal as the point of contact, now the slip rings are smaller, lighter, installation more convenient, easier to maintain, and more durable With the continuous development of the slip ring, electrical slip rings as rotation key joint in the machinery equipment is widely used in medical equipment, military equipment, packaging machinery, and printing equipment, and so on, slip ring applied more widely in machinery automation equipment

    Development direction and prospects of the mechanical automation technology: the future development of the mechanical automation technology to keep with the development of enterprise production actual demand as the guide, if deviate from this principle, will lead to our country mechanical automation technology development off track, and cannot create economic benefits for the society Only with reality, and the rational application of mechanical automation technology, the introduction of mechanical automation technology skills-oriented, and the introduction of mechanical automation technology will make the machinery automation technology to maximize efficiency, improve national economic efficiency

    Machinery automation technology has broad prospects for development; we should take the situation of our country for reference, and gradually developed mechanical automation technology Machinery automation can not be done overnight, achieve mechanical automation should be gradual, from simple techniques applied to complex technology applications, from low-level device to the application of advanced equipment, from the imperfect system developed to the improved system, which requires a long time At present China`s machinery manufacturing industry compared with developed countries there is still a big gap In this case, the blind development of the full automation of the production process is not appropriate; we lack the necessary investment capacity and technical experience of electrical slip ring, directly move towards a high degree of mechanical automation is bound to be a failure In the introduction of foreign technology, reasonable research to understand the theoretical basis, and from China`s actual situation, to create a machinery automation theory suited to China`s development, and theory to practice, in order to continuously learning and development, comprehensive application of our machinery automation technology, to achieve the goal of full automation of the production process

    MOFLON as the largest slip ring manufacturer, also with the continuous development of the mechanical automation, let slip ring applications in machinery automation equipment more widely electrical slip ring becomes indispensable rotation key joint in machinery automation equipment MOFLON has obligation and ability to contribute own strength to the development of the China National Machinery and Automation

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    Slip ring for application and prospect in machinery automation equipment


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