The heart of the slip ring

Date: 2016-03-12 11:41:19

    Technically speaking, the slip ring, a kind of sophisticated component, is used to implement power and signal transmission. The slip ring essentially is made up of a rotor and a stator. And the fiber brushes connect the rotor and stator. The connector of rotor and stator usually selects precious metals such as gold and silver, or high-performance alloy materials. There must be some features in the materials of connector: low resistance, small conflict coefficient, anti-corrosion and so on. For the high current slip ring, high resistance would destroy it because of the excessive temperature. On the other hand, overlarge conflict coefficient would cause continuous conflict between the rotor and stator, which would wear away the slip ring and affect the service life.

Heart of Slip Rings

    In the course of use, some operating environments are very harsh. And the slip ring needs to work continuously for several years, which means the slip ring must have a high demanding on the wire brush. Another feature of the slip ring is that the slip ring is multi-channel. In real life, there is no single brush and no single transmission for signal. Actually, on various occasions, multiple circuits of power and signal are required to transmit at the same time. At this point, the slip ring needs to provide corresponding circuits. In the planning, the insulation resistance and signal shielding among each circuit are key points, which is worth thinking about.


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The Operating Principle and Internal Structure of the Slip Ring
The heart of the slip ring


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