Application Of Slip Rings In Robotics Industry

Date: 2018-11-06 09:26:20

      The devices that can work automatically and can not only accept human instructions but can also operate depending on preinstalled programs are called robots. These robots operate according to the programs and principles of the instruction installed by human intelligence. It is useful in replacing the human monotonous works like in the manufacturing industries and in other industries which pose a potential health hazard to human life. These robots are operated and achieve their functions with the help of rotary joints or slip rings. These slip rings are used mainly for the joints and the manipulation of the movements of the robot.


      The slip rings used in the operation of robotics are capable of transmitting various kinds of electrical and data signals. They can even transmit electrical and data signals together at the same time. This makes the slip ring is especially useful as the simultaneous flow of the electricity and data is required for the robots to work. The electricity provides power for the robots to work and the data signals provide the instructions for the robot to work in a specific manner.

Low Maintenance

      The slip rings use in the robotics industry is made of highly conductive carbon fiber brushes or precious metal brushes and have the design cue derived from latest slip ring technology. This reduces the cost of maintenance as the precious metal brushes and carbon fiber brushes are resistant to corrosion. So when there is less corrosion the need for the maintenance and the need for the replacement of the parts of the slip ring arrangement is also low. There is a very low pressure of the contacts on the conductive rings. This further reduces the possibility of wear due to friction and ensure that there a very low maintenance required.

      As there is no generation of debris, the chances of corrosion of the conductive ring surface are reduced and this ensures the effective and proper transmission of the signals. It also ensures that the slip rings are not loosened due to the effect of corrosion and are not dislocated from the arrangement causing a breakdown of the equipment. This leads to low vibration and shock as the internal operations are very smooth and there is no area for the cause of vibration.

Adverse Environmental Conditions

      These slip rings falls under the category of high speed slip ring are equipped to carry a large amount of current through the apparatus or the arrangement. The large current carrying capacity enables the slip rings to be applied in heavy duty electrical operations like drilling and mining. They have a high resistivity to extreme temperature and can easily cope up with the harsh environment making them the most useful in industries which is not suitable for humans or may pose a health hazard for the humans.

      All in all them slip rings are becoming a crucial device in many different industries. The different features of the slip rings ensure stability and make it maintenance free and in turn giving it a long service life. The slip rings have evolved into a necessity due to the many various features and uses.

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