How Wireless Slip Rings Work Without Any Physical Connection?

Date: 2019-02-13 14:22:58

      The slip ring is an electromechanical device which uses a metal ring attached to a rotating part and a carbon brush pivoted along with the stationary component to transfer electric current or data. The stationary part is known as stator while the rotating part is known as the rotor. The metal ring is wounded over the rotor and the carbon brush is loosely attached to the stator and rubs over the outer diameter of the metal ring, this allows the rotor to rotate and allowing the flow of current simultaneously.



      Among all the components of the slip ring, the carbon brush is one such which needs routine replacement. The brush which rubs over the metal ring wears continuously due to friction, this makes them thin and weak over time. The metal ring also loses filings of metal, which is generally made up of copper. This not only makes the slip ring less durable and an increased input cost but also contributes to dust which infiltrates other parts of the machine damaging in long run.


The struggle of slip ring manufacturers

      Slip ring manufacturers had been trying to innovate the overall design of the slip ring so that they can do away not only with dust but also to the loss of efficiency due to heat and friction and even the noise produced by it. The innovations were done only with the line of mere changing of brushes with different materials to gain an upper hand over traditional slip rings, but none of them eliminated the problem completely. It was only when manufacturers came with 'wireless slip ring' which overcame all the limitations in one go.



How wireless slip rings overtake others

      .Wireless slip rings are a special type of slip ring which unlike the traditional carbon brush contact method works without any contact. This slip ring transfers current or data wirelessly and without any contact. They use electromagnetic induction to transfer current from the stator to the rotor. The stator is attached with an inbuilt transmitter while the rotor has a receiver to carry out the slip ring function.

.The absence of any physical contact means the absence of friction, which is the source of undesirable byproducts. This also contributes to the efficiency of the slip ring by giving more output.

      .No contact also contributes to the fact that no noise will be generated while operation. This again contributes to the efficiency of output and also makes it perfect to be used in sensitive environments.



      .Wireless slip rings are also used as ethernet slip rings enabling it to be used in fibre optics and other electronic devices. A typical wireless slip ring is able to transfer data of range 100M/1000M, which though is still less in order of magnitudes if compared to the traditional carbon brush slip rings.

      .Unlike the traditional slip rings which rely upon the contact methods, the wireless slip rings are more resilient. They are also suitable to be used in harsh environments and requires zero maintenance and overall less upkeep.

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