Importance of Through Bore Slip Ring Over Other Forms of Slip Ring

Date: 2019-02-13 14:18:58

      The slip rings are generally categorized with its functionality and design cue. Generally, the traditional slip ring incorporates the most basic version of slip ring technology, which does not allow the physical structure of the slip ring to be changed according to the need of the equipment. Further, the design changes are not only made to enhance the functionality aspect of the slip ring but also to make the installation process simpler. There is various modern equipment which is devoid of proper installation space. Thus, in such case, the modularity of the slip ring comes into play. As a matter of fact, most of the modern slip rings have the intrinsic advantage of modularity or customization.



      With the ever-growing slip ring technology, we now can combine two different forms of slip ring into a single unit. This highlights the level of sophistication of slip ring technology. This, it doesn't come as a surprise that the slip ring manufacturers have come up with a modern form of slip rings called the through bore slip ring which is characterized by its compact size.



      Here, we look into different aspects of through bore slip ring, which ideally is eliminated the problem of installation pertaining to space crunch along with unwavering performance level.


Through bore slip ring


      The through bore slip ring is essentially an electromechanical device which helps in transmitting power and other kinds of signals. This slip ring is used in such equipment where a through hole is an integral part in transmission as the singles are to be transmitted through them towards the shaft and or to some other feed through as it varies according to design. This slip rings have been ideally designed for equipment which has smaller installation space, which is often witnessed in parts of wind turbine and generators.



Advantages over traditional slip ring


      The traditional slip rings are designed in an era where the need of the hour was pure power transmission. They were applied to inform basic equipment. Thus, the design aspect of such slip ring is quite the orthodox form, it did not include any kind of special coating neither did it involve high-quality contact materials or precious metals. As a result of which the orthodox slip ring was not apt to handle huge loads of current flow or adjust to the varying level of voltage flow.



      Here, we need to understand the fact that such slip ring also was suitable or conducive to customization they were not optimally designed. Thus, the inner diameter of the ring involved was generally larger than the current lot of slip ring. This made the installation process more complex and ineffective. The through-bore slip ring, on the other hand, has all the features of the modern slip ring and they can also be customized which made incorporation of new components much easier. Thus, install never became the problem as it was thought to be in the traditional slip ring.

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Importance of Through Bore Slip Ring Over Other Forms of Slip Ring


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