Importance of Slip Rings in Investment Intensive Production Plants

Date: 2019-02-14 13:44:31

      The use of slip rings is highly prominent in industrial plants. The range of equipment, which is put into use in the modern industrial plants is mostly narrowed to various rotating equipment. Further, such equipment requires a continuous transmission of the signal for effective operation.


      Application of slip ring is far-reaching and wide. They are used in areas such as rotary indexing tables, wind turbine, packaging equipment. Some of the other interesting application of slip ring, which is quite fascinating includes robotics and satellite communication.



      The importance of the slip ring comes to the forefront when we consider its application in the equipment used in production facilities. Most of such equipment is strongly led by digital networking. This aspect of equipment used in such plants come with a need of data signals being transmitted from the rotating to the parent control system, which is usually fixed.


      One of the most prominent examples of a slip ring in equipment based on data transmission is the rotary indexing table. The rotary indexing table is equipment which requires the use of slip rings. It can not only transmit power signal but also transmits the data and electrical signals. However, in most cases, a hydraulic rotary union is used to transmit certain liquids and gaseous media. So, it can be stated that both the hydraulic rotary union and slip ring are an essential part of modern production facilities.


Investment and long life


      The modern production plants are highly investment intensive. The key here is a long life and with high-speed operation. To meet such requirements the slip ring employed must have a sound maintenance schedule and excellent design cue. In fact, the design aspect plays a major part than any other thing. After all, it is the designed aspect of modern slip rings which allows better control over transmission rate and quality. Also, with a perfect design setup, the slip rings can operate at a high temperature, which can be anywhere between 100-120A. In case of some special slip rings, the range goes even higher.



Dual transmission

      Certain slip ring models are designed to transmit dual signals. Generally, a combination of electrical and data signal transmission is preferred in equipment used in production facilities. This combination of slip ring is termed as hybrid slip rings. The dual transmission aspect provides stability in the production process by continuously transmitting data signals and a high current load.



      The effectiveness of the investment made into the production plants depends on the quantum of output under a suitable working condition. It is one of the approaches undertaken to improve plant performance at the desired level. In some situation, the production process is distributed into several small segments and with proper scheduling, the downtime owing to slip ring repairs is minimized. In a nutshell, a proper application of slip rings, which is potent enough to transmit dual signal is the answer to obtaining maximum efficiency in the production process led by modern technology.

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