A Discussion on Separate Slip Rings

Date: 2019-02-14 13:46:26

      As the technology world is evolving, so is the requirement of different technology for running and fueling the industrial development. The same is applied in the field of slip ring technology. The development in the field of slip ring is immense, from the primitive to high resistance and high maintenance slip rings to the new fiber contact slip rings, ethernet slip rings, capsule slip rings, pin connection and many more. Considering the use of the slip ring, the market holds a large variety of the device that can fit accordingly to the different industrial need. This has also led to the development of additional types of slip ring among which separate slip ring has newly emerged.



Separate slip rings


      The separate slip rings are a new type of slip ring available in the market now. The concept behind the separate slip ring assembly is same as the others, the only difference is that the stator and the rotor are two different parts of the assembly and are assembled separately. In all the slip rings the stationary part and the rotating part are the components of the same device and generally come assembled together to be fitted into some other equipment.



      But in the case of separate slip rings, the stator and the rotor are different components and can be fitted together or separately. They can be assembled as per the usage of the user and the equipment it is used in. They provide a lot of versatility to the equipment. The usage variation is high and the component of which the stator and the rotor are made up of can also be varied. This makes the component more versatile in terms of customizability.


Advantages of using the Separate Slip Ring


      The separate slip ring is installed separately so that it can be fitted into a variety of equipment to provides high customizability. They can be made of different material both the stator and the rotor. They can use precious metals for the conductive rings in the rotor or any other highly conductive material. It can also use fiber, carbon or precious metals in the stator as per the requirement. Due to this ability to change the components, provides the slip rings in discussion better customizability.


      They provide very low resistance and continuity in the transmission of the signals and the electrical noise is highly minimized. Additionally, in the case of requirement, the resistance and electrical noise can also be increased by changing the materials.



      They are really easy to install and have a lot of flexibility in the installation process as well. Due to the separate structure, they can be fitted in almost any equipment and do not require a lot of space because of its compact size.


      They require low maintenance as they use fiber brushes and precious metal conductive rings. If there is wear of any part, then they can easily be replaced without replacing the whole equipment.

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