Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV Operation Via Use of Slip Rings

Date: 2018-11-06 09:33:22

      Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV is a small aircraft that can be controlled from by the help of a radio controlled remote controller. They are used for the purpose of surveillance and many different other works in the military. They have their own set of programs and functions pre-installed and can be used in situations where a human cannot perform. The UAV system comprises of an aircraft performance system, ground control system, high-speed imaging device and information gathering system. The slip rings play a very important role in the functioning of the UAV. The slip ring arrangement can transmit different types of electrical, digital and analogue signals as well as can rotate 360 degrees continuously so ensures the proper performance of the UAVs functions.



      The UAVs have standard modules loaded in them. They can operate on the standard modules and at the same time transmit power and electrical and digital signals in continuous rotation of 360 degrees in operation. This ability helps the UAV to operate without any interference and ensures the efficiency of operation. The continuous rotation is achieved with the help of a rotary slip ring.


      The structures of the slip rings are precise and compact which enables the slip ring to be used in military applications. The compact nature of the slip rings makes it very useful as they can be fitted in devices where space is limited and require a lot of precision in the transmission of the signals. This makes them especially useful for application in military application.

Conductive Rings

      The concentric conductive rings of the slip ring arrangement are fitted with special grooves. This makes the contact brushes stay on the grooves and not be displaced easily reducing the possibility of a short circuit in the transmission. The surface of the conductive ring is also polished this ensures there is less friction between the contact brushes and the conductive ring which in turn helps in reducing the electrical noise.


      The debris generation is also low as the brushes are made of precious metals or carbon fiber and also because as the pressure on the contacts is low. This reduces the vibration or the possibility of the slip rings being stuck due to the accumulation of debris in the internal parts of the slip rings cutting down on transmission.

      The arrangement of the slip ring is also maintenance free. As the debris generation is less and the need for lubrication is also less due to the use of precious metal brushes, the cost of maintenance of the arrangement is reduced. And this, in the long run, ensures a long service life to the device.

      The slip rings are evolving and so is the defense industry. With more modernized equipment to help in combat and defensive measures, the requirement of more research and development on slip ring technology has increased. Due to its many advantages, the slip rings have become an important part of many industries.

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