What is the Technical Procedure of Implementing the Gas-Electric Integrated Slip Ring?

Date: 2018-08-08 08:22:14

      In today’s date, different types of slip rings are accessible in the market. Each category of slip ring has own distinctive characteristics and principles. The functions of an electric slip ring differ according to the design of the product and the working environment.

The reason for manufacturing various types of slip ring are:

      There are plenty of electrical devices and machines and each performs a different duty.

      Some slip rings constructed to adjust in the existing space of the equipment.

      Powerful slip rings are manufactured for withdrawing high-speed and maximum current. ?The advanced slip rings have made possible to increase the volume of production.

      There are some slip ring products which can perform in low temperature and power. In the robotics industry, the electric slip ring has been extensively used to perform the tough task.

      The modern robots are apt enough and can perceive the message. Such slip rings can cause movement in the robotic hands and the stiff fingers as the slip ring activates the codes of the robotic machine. After completing the decoding, the mechanical parts of the robot receive the communication and send it to the core area.

      It encodes the message and obtains the required current. The current and signal help to rotate the rotor and stator relatively. The robotic machine starts functioning with the rotation of the rotating and the fixed parts in 360- degree angle. rotary slip ring In the food processing industry, the rotary slip ring has played a key role in protectively packaging the food products.

      The mercury rotary joints ensure the food safety during the packaging process. The rotary joint is fixed in the packaging machines. The outer casing and the rotating body of the slip ring are held up by precision bearings. It makes the rotation of both the rotor and the stator flexible. It produces low friction and so there is less wear and tear on the bearings. The slip rings contain gas, oil, water and compressed air which are sealed with a protective shield to prevent water leak or entering of fluid.

      Its maintenance is quite simple and replacement of the slip ring is also done quickly. Due to 24 hours rotation, the cable wires of the packaging machine can develop corrosion. Thus, the manufacturers have launched the new and sophisticated slip rings which have wear and corrosion resistance properties. moflon slip ring The moflon slip ring company has introduced different types of slip rings in the domestic and international market. Some of the slip rings are custom-made.

      This product meets the requirements of a customer. It is created on the basis of the details of the customers. The company has taken the initiative of producing a protective sealing to the slip rings for the safety of the users. In some of the slip ring assemblies, they had included the mandatory circuits to receive the high voltage such as the wind turbine slip ring. The rest of the products have a better transmission system.

      Each of the products can achieve the maximum speed and supports multi-channel, for example, the ethernet slip ring. The miniature series slip rings are manufactured for the small electrical devices like the drones, CCTV cameras and others.

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