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what is electric brush slip rings?

With the temperature increasing, the electricity demand and load increase day by day. Especially in summer, the vehicle exhaust emissions in large cities make it more badly, so the number of air-conditioner is increasing which lead to the actual load is more than the original design. Then the electricity sector takes measures to limit the use. In this case, many factories have to use the generator to meet the delivery. Now, many factories in Shenzhen have prepared such generators to solve this issue. Then how does the electric brush slip rings work in the power equipment?

Electric brush slip rings plays a very important role in power equipment, it`s an indispensable part of power equipment and its performance usually determines the work life of generator. We often see many people asking such kind of questions like how to deal with when the electric brush was wrong. Electric brush slip rings consists of two parts, the rotor and the stator. The stator is the stationary part in generator while rotor is a component which does repetitive circular motion around the stator. Then the energy will be converted to electrical energy and output to the grid through this way, and drive all the equipments work. So the electric brush slip rings is a core part of power equipment. To make sure the generator works normally and not impact our business, we should pay much attention on the quality of electric brush slip rings, including brand, place of origin, manufacturer and workmanship, etc. when we buy the power equipment.

The first power equipment was produced in 1836 in history. A great scientist succeeded to convert the kinetic energy to electricity per the principle of steering gear of using electromagnetic wave, enabled the oil and other combustibles could be converted to electricity. Also it made our convenience of using electricity and could use the electricity to drive power equipment now. Today, more than 90% of our equipments are relied on the electricity; therefore, the invention of power equipment has a huge influence on human and changed the human life completely.

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