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The important points in slip ring assembly

As one kind of the precision parts, slip ring has strict requirements for the manufacturing, especially the micro-slip-rings which have high numbers of rings and more channels. They are small and the space between channels is not large, whats more, the internal structure is very precise, so a little mistake may cause the whole parts scrapped, and the staff training should always throughout the entire production. The most important things for an enterprise is the employee, not the assets, the product quality need the employee to ensure. The company should build a mutual trust relationship with the employee, and then the slip rings manufacturer can achieve its goals while achieving the best interests of employees.

The equipment is necessary when processing the precision parts. Its hard to ensure the slip ring quality if theres no tool. On the hardware facilities, microscope and enough bright light sources are indispensable. Since microscope is the first checking process, everyone should have one to finish all the installation and inspection especially for the micro-slip-ring. Although people can distinguish some internal structures, they will still make mistake because of dizziness after works a long time and impact the quality of through hole slip ring, and this is not allowed in MOFLON. As to the light source, its not a simple bulb but better to use the environmental LED which has no heating. It has no harm on eyes or makes eyes so easily tired, also avoids repair at the same time.

On the software facilities, one part is the employee training. Try to avoid the long working time, adopt shift system and each one should not be more than 8 hours, also better rest 15 minutes per hour. Only balance well between work and rest, the employee can play the maximum positive and efficiency, and ensure the best quality at the same time. So why not do it gladly, anything you gain requires something you pay.
The specific production processes of slip ring are so many and very complicated, we will explain it detail in another time. In a word, the detail is the guarantee of high quality, doing it well can make you defeat your opponents and win a favorable position in market. The future competition in market is the detail competition.

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