Characteristics of the Slip Rings

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    At present, the slip ring has been changed to civil product application from the past military special product, military products market-oriented is not only beneficial to the technological progress of the product itself under the role of the market capitalization optimization, but also allow more areas more widespread use of the slip ring products, military products and civilian itself is a sign of the social progress.

    Technically, slip ring is a precision, wiring complex connecting part; its function is to achieve power and signal transmission of the equipment`s operation portion and fixed portion. Because it is the transmission of the rotation, so the basic structure of the slip ring is composed by a rotating rotor and a fixed stator. The stator and rotor are connected by the slip ring brush, sliding brush and rotor`s contact point to maintain through the pressure from the elastic material of the stator. Stator and rotor`s contacts generally use gold and silver and other precious metals and high-performance alloy material, because the contact material must have low resistance, low coefficient of friction, corrosion characteristics, if the resistance is too large, when the voltage at both ends is too large, will burned the slip ring because of overheating, if the friction coefficient is too large, stator and rotor keep friction, will soon be wear out, thus affecting the service life. In the practical application of the process, some of the working environment is very harsh, need to work continuously for several years; the requirement to the slide brush`s material is very high.

    Another feature of the slip ring is multi-channel, because the reality can not be a single one way power or one way signals which need to be transmitted, and a variety of complex dynamical systems, control systems, many ways of power and signals need to be transmitted together. This requires that the slip ring can provide the corresponding number of channels. In the design of the multi-channel, the problems of insulation between each way, and shielding between signals need to be considered, particularly some of the high-pressure, multi-signal model. At present often used in low-frequency signals, control signals, such as: Inter Bus, Can-bus, Profibus, RS422, RS485, PLC control, digital / analog video, digital audio, Gigabit Ethernet, temperature, weight sensing signal , HF, and so on. Some voltage up to several thousand V, insulation if not up to the requirements, will be breakdown, the consequences are very serious. The problem of mutual interference between the various signals needs to be designed to avoid.

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    Characteristics of the Slip Rings


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