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The difference between the capsule slip ring and the through-bore slip ring

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Electrical slip ring tell from the appearance is mainly through bore slip ring and capsule slip ring, capsule slip rings are generally used in high-speed dome camera, like through small current and signals of small equipment. capsule Slip ring is small in size, easy to install, and costs less. From the terms of the rated current, capsule electrical slip ring maximum current of each ring is generally about two amps, can not be too big, too big will breakdown insulation resistance, and between the rings prone to bring out the electromagnetic interference, affecting the quality of the signal transmission, makes the signal distortion, or a scrambling code. From the protection class, the capsule slip ring applications is very limitations, generally in high RH environment, can not use the capsule slip ring, furthermore, in the special field occasions which need to explosion-proof, anti-dust and so on, can not use the capsule slip ring. If you require high level of protection can choose to through-bore slip rings. Through-bore electrical slip ring can be made to bigger current slip rings, roads can also be selected according to customer requirements, protection class can also be IP68, can be used of water-proof, dust-proof, and explosion-proof slip ring. But through-bore slip rings standard products are fewer, generally customized according to customer requirements, so cost is higher than capsule slip ring, the delivery time is relatively longer. Through-bore slip rings are generally applied to large-scale machinery and equipment. Due to through-bore slip ring`s outer covering is aluminum alloy; it is not easy to aging, cracking, and deformation, very advantageous in a lot of very harsh environment.

Through-bore slip rings can be diverse, can transmit high current, can also be mixed with different signals. Such as current and Ethernet hybrid slip ring, and gas-liquid integrated slip ring, etc. Through-bore slip ring installation is also very convenient.

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The difference between the capsule slip ring and the through-bore slip ring

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