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The advantage of slip rings to adopt fiber brush technology

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fiber brush slip rings have many advantages than carbon slip rings. In the field of wind power, the fan`s life basically can reach two decades. In the initial years, the whole system of the fan start aging, not all of the technical maintenance personnel can do routine maintenance work of the fan system, not to mention some very experienced unplanned maintenance. Leading to the normal operation of the wind power system and service life affected.

Reduce the fan maintenance requirements are important measures to reduce the risk of wind power system operation. As important parts of the wind power system--wind turbine slip ring mounted on inside the fan cabin cover, used to provide the transmission of variable propeller power and all kinds of control signals in the fan rotation state. Due to the initial design of the slip rings` electric brushes are used in a conductive block made of composite metal, in order to avoid the wear of the operation on the slip ring body, the design priority to wear the electric brush. Due to the using life of slip ring itself and conductive powder which produced when wearing, seriously affect the normal operation of the wind power system, especially the powder in the humidity environment is more sensitive, so they need to be cleaned regularly. On the market, about 60% of the wind power slip rings use the composite metal electric brush, about 30% use the monofilament precious metal electric brush and nearly 10% use of fiber brush electric brush.

Monofilament precious metal electric brush slip rings improved the shortcomings of the composite metal electric brush, small debris, small volume, the stability of the signal transmission is good, but the carrying capacity is very limited. Fiber brush electric brush`s design uses a plurality of metal fibers, and to maintain a multi-point contact with the metal ring body, and having excellent electrical conductivity and high current density. And the environmental sensitive requirements in the fan cabin are much lower than other several types of slip ring contact.

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The advantage of slip rings to adopt fiber brush technology

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