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How to design thermocouple slip ring?

Thermocouple slip ring can transmit the thermo couple signal, which signal is pretty small and the requirement of precision is very high, what is thermo couple? It will be explain from the theory,thermo couple slip ring can transmit thermo couple signals. thermo couple is temperature-sensing element, and it can measure temperature and transform temperature signal into thermoelectromotive signal and then transferred media temperature by electric instrument.

The basic principle of the temperature test of thermocouple is made of two different ingredients, and when two ends existing temperature gap, current will through in return circuits. At this time the two ends exiting seebeck electromotive force, when transmit this signals, the dynamic resistance is very small.

Thermode with two different ingredients have two end, the one with high temperature is for work, the lower is free end, which is usually in a constant temperature. Thermal electromotive force in accordance with a function of temperature, thermocouple made indexing table, which is get the free end temperature under 0, different thermos have different indexing table.

Potential will remain the same, it is not affected by third kinds of metal access, therefore, during the measurement of thermocouple temperature, it can connect measurement instrument, after measure thermo emfs, we can know the medium temperature.thermocouple slip ring is customized slip rings
For different kinds of conductor ( called thermocouple wire material or hot electrode) which are connected to be a return circuit, when temperature is different, the junction will emerge EMF, this phenomenon is called thermo EMF, thermo is measured by this principle, one end is directly used to measure the temperature of the medium (also called measure end), the other side is called cold end (also knows as the compensation end). thermo couple slip ring can transmit thermo couple signals.The cold end connect with display instrument of supporting meter connections, whats more the display instrument may point out thermo EMF by thermoelement.
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