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hybrid slip ring applications in the field of automotive assembly

Car assembly is good or bad depends on the proficiency of the assembly process, and the quality of the auto parts. Mainly is the precision of manufacturing process, as well as the precision in the assembly, during the past period of time, more artificial hand assembly and semi-automatic assembly applications, but with the growing demand of car, most of the automobile manufacturers mainly take automated assembly line, and industrial automation robots for assembly, in the automobile assembly process, wherein a very critical part is automotive assembly manipulator, due to the of the car, the manipulator need unrestricted rotation in 360 degree, as well as the activities of different angles, different directions, at the same time at the end of the manipulator has camera, sensor, and lighting and other equipment need to be powered. The signal transmission, and transmitted by coolant, cleaning fluids and other liquids, and this time is necessary to use a hybrid slip ring, then what is hybrid slip ring? Mainly a combination of rotary joints such as electrical slip ring, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc., such a slip ring in addition to the transmission of signal, power, data, and can mediums of transmit liquids, gases, the high-pressure oil, etc. Well, in the field of automotive assembly manipulator, the hybrid slip ring market is very large, Over the past few years are occupied by foreign well-known manufacturer of slip rings, with the pursuit of cost increasingly high, value for money, sold products gradually into the car assembly industry, some domestic manufacturers big step to enter this industry, I believe that in the near future, through bore slip ring in car assembly industry, besides manipulator automation installation equipment, there are more parts for application.

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