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Fiber optic slip ring applications in the field of high-speed data transmission

Fiber optic slip ring is also called high-fiber rotary joint. Its main function is his major applications in the rotary joint when optical fiber transmission needed the unlimited 360 degrees at both ends. We all know that the fiber optic data transmission capacity is very large, very fast, and his loss is very small, so the application of fiber optic in high definition has more and better advantage than other mediums. With the increasingly high demand for safety precautions, clarity demand on the monitor screen is getting higher and higher, and therefore, the amount of data increases, in this case, it is necessary to ensure that no distortion, but also to ensure high-speed data no delayed transmission. Fiber optic slip ring is a very appropriate choice. Although high-speed transmission has a lot of limitations, and with large pressure of cost, but with industrial development, as well as the development of the fiber optic industry, the manufacturing cost of fiber optic slip ring and the light-receiving optical transmitter optical manufacturing cost will be more lower, then, fiber optic rotary joints will become more and more and increasingly widespread in large-scale applications in the field of high-speed data transmission.

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Fiber optic slip ring applications in the field of high-speed data transmission

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