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what is high current(large current) slip rings

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With the upgrade of all kind of automatic equipments and the powerful functions, the requirements of slip ring becomes more and more strict, such as rotary electric connectorin order to meet the market demand, the slip ring must upgrade in functions, especially for those slip ring which is used in the marine and deep sea, protection class (water-proof and dust-proof) must be high. Also in order to avoid the entangle signal and power wire, high current slip rings is usually used in communication equipments and instruments.

For those customers who need high current slip rings, usually the insulation resistance is more than 1000 mge, the contact resistance is 20 less milliohm, rate current is 100A, the withstand voltage between two road is 1.5KV, rate voltage is 440 V, and in total is 4 circuits. And installation diameter is 45mm, the length is 250mm less, and working temperature is 20 to 40.

If transmit high current, the first is consider contact material, brush and mounting way , so that make sure the long working life and the stable connection, and if this slip ring placed into deep sea, the house material must choose stainless steel material.

Slip rings key components are ring and brush, the surface is adopt to gold-plating as contact material, and the brush have two major types, the one is platy spring brush, and other is striation spring brush, the former is adapt to high speed condition, but the later have extremely flexible and good conductivity.

In conclusion, the insulator of slip ring can used PBT insulating material, because PBT have good dielectric, fatigue durability and lubricating property, from the physical construction, it must should be taken high current, insulation property, installation and maintenance into consideration.

high current slip rings have almost reached domestic level as the special contact and connection type , long life and flexible construction.

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