Miniature slip ring works better for UAVs

Date: 2018-08-24 20:00:51

      The main purpose of the slip ring is to ensure a smooth operation of the electrical appliances. It connects with the statutory body and the rotary structure and moves in 360-degrees continuously. It helps to transmit the data signal and current from the stator to the rotor. It comes in different types, one of which is known as the MMC series.

Classifying the MMC series, the miniature slip ring comes under this category. It is produced with the US military surface technology and plated with gold. It confirms low resistance variation and establishes the long durability of the slip ring.

The miniature slip ring has some special characteristics due to which, it is perfect for using in the UAVs or the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, smart homes, the robotics industry, CCTV cameras, and automatic equipment. Following are the features:

1.Transmission capability: The slip ring can help to transmit the weak current and signals of the drone machines in a strident situation.

2.Variety of uses: It is usable for video, photography of an area, as well as for control, sensing, and Ethernet.

3.Less loss: This slip ring produces less torque, low noise, and less damage.

4.Maintenance free: It is completely free of maintenance.

moog slip ring

The aerospace and the defense fields are using the moog slip ring for many years. This kind of slip ring is mainly used in mountainous regions or rough environments. It is constructed according to the necessity.


The developed and complexed military vehicles require slip rings. This type of rings helps to move the immobile part and the rotating body. Technologically, the moog ring is suitable for the laser accession, high bandwidth data signals, guns and fire control systems.


The moog slip rings have the capacity to meet the customer's demand. It is produced keeping on mind about its efficacy and advantages. Economically, this slip ring is low at cost. It improves the operation of the gadgets and terminates the dangling wires from the moving connectors.


ethernet slip ring

The ethernet slip ring also known as the RJ 45 slip rings as it is connected with this kind of connector. These slip rings are 50% custom-made. It has no packet loss, and the return loss is also low.


This slip ring has some basic features like:


1.No need of coding: The ethernet does not need code number.

2.Better Frequency: It is designed for 250 MHz frequency.

3.Powerful Transmission: It can transmit 100M/1000M ethernet signals.

4.Low loss of insertion: ethernet slip ring has low insertion loss.

5.Best quality wire connections: It has standard wire connections.

6.Combination power: It has the capacity to combine with the pneumatic or the hydraulic slip ring.

7.Connect with maximum channels: It can connect to a number of channels.

8.Material contact: The slip ring consists of precious metal with gold plating. It ensures that it is free of wearing.

9.Long duration: It is an antioxidant which proves that it lasts for a long time.

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